Business Discussions with the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria

IBEC delegation held a meeting with Ms. Mariyana Nikolova, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria in charge of Economic and Demographic Policy and Minister of Tourism. Boyko Kotsev, member of the IBEC Board and former Ambassador of Bulgaria to Russia, provided information on the Bank's financial support for Bulgarian oil and gas, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and insurance sectors, as well as financing of Bulgarian exports. The Deputy Prime Minister invited IBEC leaders to visit Bulgaria in October to continue the dialogue and develop cooperation. In particular, Ms. Nikolova noted the great opportunities for cooperation through the Bulgarian Development Bank and the Bulgarian Export Credit Agency in terms of coordinating credit lines and supporting business in Bulgaria.

Ms. Nikolova supported the IBEC's initiative to more actively use the mechanism of bilateral intergovernmental commissions to promote the services offered by the Bank for the development of foreign trade. The parties reached the agreement on inviting IBEC representatives to meetings of not only the Russian-Bulgarian regular intergovernmental commissions, but also commissions between Bulgaria and other IBEC member countries, as well as with third countries in order to support export-import operations and the development of international trade.

The parties also discussed potential projects for financing the transfer of advanced technologies to Russia, in particular, Bulgarian scientific developments in the field of medicine.


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