IBEC is a highly professional international team capable to fulfil the strategic development goals of the Bank


Established in 1963, International Bank for Economic Co-operation is a unique multilateral development bank with a rich history and consistently professional staff at all stages of it`s development. As a unique financial institution, which has passed a series of internal reforms and is successfully developing at the moment, the Bank under the legendary brand «IBEC» is contributing for professional and career growth of employees within an international business environment and partnership, keeping traditions of the past and developing in the step of the times.
  • Participation of employees in the implementation of projects aimed at developing the economies of the Bank's member countries (i.e. infrastructure, energy, scientific, agricultural projects)
  • Stable sustainable organization with a rich history
  • Interaction with international clients and employees from member countries
  • Respect for personal diversity, inclusion of interests
  • Business transparency and high ethical standards
  • Competitive comprehensive package of social guarantees and benefits
  • Possibility of maintaining work-life balance
  • Diverse challenges and tasks driven by the status of the development bank
  • Development of competencies in key banking disciplines in a team of experienced professionals
Head of Document Management and Secretariat of the Board Administration
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Organization and coordination of the general document flow of the Bank;
  • Coordination of the activities of all structural divisions of the Bank in the field of office work;
  • Management of the Division and coordination of the main functions (execution of timely registration, storage and distribution of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence; ensuring the storage of documents, systematization and optimization of search; organization and maintenance of the Bank's archive);
  • Analysis of the current document flow system of the Bank, identification of needs of internal customers and optimization of document flow processes, reduction of labor intensity;
  • Maintenance of the new version of EDMS (based on SharePoint), operational management of this project, organization of work with system improvements;
  • Monitoring of the EMDS users' performance;
  • Advising the Bank's employees and providing methodological assistance to the structural divisions of the Bank in terms of office work, including in the EDMS system;
  • Organization of development and updating of normative and methodological documents on issues related to the competence of the Division;
  • Organization of control over the execution of orders of the Management Board of the Bank;
  • Preparation of the necessary reporting and statistics on office work and activities of the Bank's collegial bodies;
  • Implementation of the integration of EDMS with other IT systems of the Bank;
  • Implementation of technical support for meetings of the Management Board, Council, meetings of Working groups, operational meetings, etc. in terms of document flow.
    Key Skills:
  • Experience in managing document flow function (experience in banking and financial organizations is an advantage), including experience in managing employees in direct subordination;
  • Knowledge of document management methodologies;
  • Knowledge at the expert level (sufficient for the purposes of customization and implementation) of any EDMS;
  • Experience in project management for the implementation of electronic document management systems, successful experience in the implementation of EDMS;
  • Skills in writing instructions and conducting effective training sessions on the use of the EDMS;
  • Knowledge of Project Management basics and methods;
  • Analytical thinking, the ability to improve and optimize the existing process, the ability to systematically perform tasks in accordance with the approved process;
  • Attentiveness and precision in working with documents, advanced skills in proofreading, writing and presentation;
  • Obligatory knowledge of grammar and stylistics of the Russian language, lexical, grammatical, compositional rules of business correspondence and preparation of management documents; rules for writing terms, symbols, units of measure, abbreviations;
  • Skills in conducting official and working correspondence in Russian and English;
  • Developed business communication skills, competent speech (oral and written) in Russian and English;
  • Personal qualities: attentiveness, efficiency, sociability, initiative, the ability to communicate with people, stress resistance, skills to resolve conflicts;
  • Developed managerial competencies: setting goals and objectives, monitoring implementation, motivating and developing a team, delegation skills and making independent managerial decisions, change management;
  • Desire to develop, work hard and solve interesting problems.
    Selection Criteria:
  • High education (any specialty that requires a wide knowledge base, or education in the field of Documentation, Records Management / IT)
  • Project Management certification is an advantage
  • Work experience of at least 5 years in the field of Document Management, of which at least 2 years in a leadership position
  • Russian language - level C2
  • English language - level B1-B2
  • Competent PC user, knowledge of basic office applications, knowledge of electronic document management systems, the ability to quickly master the systems and platforms used in the Bank at the level of an administrator / technologist that are within the competence of the Department.
Customer Relations Manager (Managing Director) of Financial institutions business Division of Clients Relationship Department
    Job Description
  • Organization of structuring, coordination, execution of internal procedures for the implementation of credit-documentary and trade-syndicated financing with financial institutions:
    • letters of credit and guarantee operations;
    • interbank reimbursement;
    • targeted trade loans, including syndicated ones, covered by ECA and other closed trade finance transactions.
  • Interaction with banks, ECA, and other financial organizations and internal divisions of IBEC to resolve issues related to correspondent relations; search for new partners and maintaining relations with current ones.
  • Evaluation and development of new methodological documents on transactions, business processes of trade and syndicated financing, work with financial institutions.
  • Achievement of established performance.
    Selection Criteria
  • University degree in Economics, Finance or Foreign Trade;
  • Professional experience - at least 7 years in banking, incl. relations with foreign (including Asian) financial institutions. Focus Areas: interbank transactions with financial institutions (operations of trade, structured, syndicated financing, treasury operations) in a position similar to the position of "Customer Relations Manager" in terms of scope and level of responsibility. Knowledge of the main parameters of interaction and development of relations with financial institutions/organizations, key contacts in partner organizations. Work experience in foreign financial institutions is considered as an advantage;
  • Practical skills in the implementation of trade and structured finance products (including letters of credit, guarantees, reimbursements, forfeiting), syndicated finance, club deals. Knowledge of the basics of treasury operations, correspondent relations, international economic relations in the banking industry;
  • Experience in methodological work with financial institutions, incl. interbank transactions (development, coordination, approval, implementation of internal regulations);
  • Knowledge of international banking legislation/practice in the field of trade and syndicated finance;
  • Skills for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships, thoroughness, attention to detail;
  • Organizational skills and the ability to achieve results in a multitasking environment;, adaptability to changing business conditions, active team worker;
  • Stress resistance, ability to work in multitasking mode;
  • Verbal and written English (C1 - upper intermediate and above). Knowledge of other foreign languages, including Chinese, is considered as an asset;
  • Russian language – working fluency;
  • Advanced user of MS Office and specialized information platforms.
Chief Economist, Operations Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Perform the functions of currency control for all types of transactions in accordance with the principles of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation, including advising the Bank's clients on the application of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation and the relevant terms and conditions of agreements concluded by clients;
  • Registration of contracts, making changes, deregistration of contracts, acceptance for servicing from another bank. Reception, verification of supporting documents and SPD. Maintaining a dossier of currency control. Exchange of information with the Bank of Russia, the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Tax Service within the framework of 4512-U, 1459-P. Identification of violations of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation. Advising clients and internal structural divisions on currency control issues;/li>
  • Provide functionality for opening and closing accounts for corporate clients (residents and non-residents). Formation, updating and storage of dossiers as part of the account opening functionality;
  • Perform the functions of a responsible officer of the Bank when carrying out customer transactions for the purchase / sale of non-cash currency (customer conversion transactions);
  • To carry out the functions of the Remote Banking (RB) system administrator. Ensure compliance with the data entered into the automated system of the Bank and the RB system. Issuance and support of remote banking services for corporate clients.
    Selection Criteria:
  • Higher Financial, Economic or Legal education.
  • At least 5 years in the field of currency control as the main functionality.
  • Experience in opening accounts for corporate clients and remote banking administration is a significant advantage.
  • Advanced user of MS Office, ABS CFT-Bank, customs and banking system of currency control ("Contracts").
  • Preferably spoken and written English (intermediate B1 and above).
  • Knowledge of the Russian language at the level of a native speaker in oral and written form (C1), including skills and practical experience in drafting legal documents in Russian.
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