IBEC is a highly professional international team capable to fulfil the strategic development goals of the Bank


Established in 1963, International Bank for Economic Co-operation is a unique multilateral development bank with a rich history and consistently professional staff at all stages of it`s development. As a unique financial institution, which has passed a series of internal reforms and is successfully developing at the moment, the Bank under the legendary brand «IBEC» is contributing for professional and career growth of employees within an international business environment and partnership, keeping traditions of the past and developing in the step of the times.
  • Participation of employees in the implementation of projects aimed at developing the economies of the Bank's member countries (i.e. infrastructure, energy, scientific, agricultural projects)
  • Stable sustainable organization with a rich history
  • Interaction with international clients and employees from member countries
  • Respect for personal diversity, inclusion of interests
  • Business transparency and high ethical standards
  • Competitive comprehensive package of social guarantees and benefits
  • Possibility of maintaining work-life balance
  • Diverse challenges and tasks driven by the status of the development bank
  • Development of competencies in key banking disciplines in a team of experienced professionals
Director of Operations Department
    Duties and Accountabilities
  • Organize and control work on:
    • registration and support of operations carried out by the IBEC Treasury;
    • maintenance of payment position on correspondent and depo accounts in T-0 mode;
    • execution of operational servicing clients;
    • registration and support of trade finance operations, credit and documentary operations;
  • Interaction with corporate clients, banks, ECA, other financial organizations and internal departments of IBEC for realization of settlements and cash services and implementation of transactions, maintenance of effective working relations with clients and correspondent banks and other financial organizations;
  • Achieving of key performance indicators.
    Selection Criteria
  • University degree in Finance, Economics, International Economic Relations, Mathematics or Natural Sciences;
  • Relevant experience: at least 7 years in Banking, incl. work with foreign corporate clients and financial institutions; at least 3 years in a position similar to the position of “Director of Operations Department” in scope and level of responsibility;
  • Specific experience in the area of operational support for interbank, treasury and customer transactions:
    • transactions with financial institutions, corporate clients in the areas of trade, structured, syndicated financing;
    • back-office support of treasury operations: settlement and optimizing settlements for FXMM transactions (bilateral and organized trading) and derivatives transactions, including margining, carrying out settlements for trading and repo transactions with securities in the domestic and foreign markets, interaction with Russian and foreign depositories;
    • experience in the SWIFT and SPFS systems.
  • Experience working in foreign or international financial organizations and with Asian counterparties is considered an advantage;
  • Skills in organizing operational banking activities; knowledge of international credit and settlement operations, currency control, knowledge of the organization, execution, support of treasury operations, conducting settlement operations with clients and correspondent banks and control of these operations;
  • Knowledge of international banking legislation/practice in the field of trade and syndicated financing;
  • Accuracy, attention to detail, skills in establishing, maintaining and developing relations;
  • Organizational skills and the ability to achieve results in a multitasking environment; stress tolerance, adaptability to changing business conditions, active leadership of the team;
  • Russian language – fluent (C1);
  • English language – fluent (C1);
  • Advanced user, MS Project.
Director, Clients Relationship Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • 1. Provide and organize the work of the Department, including:
    • development, maintenance of the clients’ and partners’ database in existing and new markets;
    • activities focused on the growth of volume and profitability of credit and documentary portfolio, transactional products;
    • promotion and expansion of the Bank's product line (including complex banking services).
    • taking decisions on issues, operations, transactions of the Department (interaction with the Bank's Collegiate Bodies at the Board).
  • Execute day-to-day and strategic management of the Department.
  • Ensure the achievement of key performance indicators.
  • Improve business processes and support automation of processes for working with clients and counterparties.
    Selection Criteria:
  • University Degree in Economics, Finance of Foreign Trade.
  • Professional experience - at least 5 years in the financial and banking sector in the area of corporate and investment business, including experience with foreign legal entities.
  • Hands-on Experience in the areas: direct lending (including co-financing), trade and structured finance, transaction business (cash management) in a position of similar scope and level of responsibility.
  • At least 3 years of experience in a management position in the financial and banking industry.
  • Experience in leadership and organizational roles in Finance or Banking segment of his/her country.
  • Professional competencies: skills and experience in attracting corporate clients and maintaining relations with them; skills and experience in interaction with financial institutions and execution of transactions (including joint transactions) - as an advantage.
  • Knowledge:
    • professional knowledge in the field of International Economic Relations, Foreign Trade, banking products, transactional business, incl. related industries (insurance, collateral and other products);
    • knowledge of the basics of Russian (and international - as an advantage) banking legislation in the field of corporate and investment products (including trade and syndicated financing);
    • knowledge of the basics of interbank settlements’ business is an advantage (interbank trade and structured finance transactions, correspondent relations, international economic relations);
    • knowledge of the Russian corporate clientele of various segments (large businesses, SMEs).
  • Skills:
    • practical skills in structuring, implementing and supporting corporate and investment products (including transactional ones) for corporate clients;
    • negotiation and presentation skills;
    • skills in establishing, maintaining and developing relationships with corporate clients and counterparties (including financial institutions);
    • skills in organizing activities and the ability to achieve results in VUCA world (including resistance to stress, adaptability to changing business conditions).
  • Verbal and written English (C1 - upper intermediate and above). Knowledge of other foreign languages, including Chinese, is considered as an advantage.
  • Russian language – working fluency.
  • Advanced user of MS Office.
Managing Director, Customer Relations Division of the Customer Relations Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Searching and introducing to the Bank potential corporate and other clients from IBEC member countries (primarily Mongolia) and from the third countries, if the activities of such clients are directly related to the IBEC member countries. Ultimate job purpose is contracting the clients for IBEC settlement and cash services, transactions with the Bank through trade finance and credit operations.
  • Advise clients on the full range of IBEC products.
  • Collect comprehensive set of documents required for IBEC to open, process transactions and closing of Bank accounts for customers, as well as for analysis and review of credit transactions.
  • Collect information on credit and trade finance transactions that potential clients are seeking to execute.
  • Assist in obtaining from clients the proper documents to open and maintain clients' bank accounts
  • Participate in the promotion of IBEC marketing and presentation materials.
    Selection Criteria:
  • University degree in Economics, Finance of Foreign Trade.
  • At least 3 years of specialized experience in Corporate and Investment fields, Finance and Banking (including foreign economic activity). Leadership experience for at least 1 year is an advantage.
  • Experience in credit and investment transactions for corporate clients (direct lending, trade and structured financing, cash management) in a position similar to the position of "Managing Director" in terms of scale and level of responsibility.
  • Experience in the implementation of complex structured credit and investment transactions, with non-resident corporate clients of different countries.
  • Experience in implementing transactions under Mongolia's Government Business Support Programs or supporting exports from other countries as an advantage (including experience in attracting subsidies and preferential funding).
  • Experience in top 5 Banks in Mongolia or foreign financial organizations is considered as an advantage.
  • Knowledge of:
    • corporate and investment business, international economic relations, banking products (including settlement); main parameters of interaction and development of relations between banks and organizations;
    • main banking products and their structuring for corporate clients;
    • credit, documentary and transactional products for legal entities at the expert level;
    • Mongolia's legislation for the corporate sector (including banking, insurance, collateral, etc.) as an advantage;
    • support programs for Mongolia's corporate and SME sectors as an advantage.
  • Skills:
    • creating a sales network from scratch;
    • conducting negotiations and presentations;
    • financial analysis at a basic level (additional advantage).
  • Availability of key contacts in the corporate and banking sector.
  • Availability of key contacts in business support institutions in China, Japan and other countries as an advantage.
  • English and Mongolian - fluent (at least C1 level).
  • Russian or Chinese as an advantage.
  • Advanced user of MS Office.
Chief Specialist, Liquidity, Assets and Liability Management Division, Treasury Operations Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Short-term liquidity management:
    • Calculations within the framework of analyzing the state of forecasted inflows and outflows on assets and liabilities of the Bank's balance sheet taking into account the payment position and norms;
    • Support of the Treasury's internal information systems and algorithms, work on their optimization and refinement with respect to the forecast liquidity position.
  • Structural liquidity management and optimization of balance sheet ALM risks:
    • collecting data and performing calculations as part of asset-liability structure analysis, forecasting and modeling liquidity over the medium-term horizon in major currencies;
    • interaction with risk management on validation of calculations of liquidity and interest rate risk metrics;
    • support of the Treasury's internal information systems and algorithms, their optimization and refinement with respect to the structural currency position, including position maintenance and generation of forecasts;
    • reconciliation of currency position data with reporting data in the treasury systems;
    • data processing for liquidity buffer modeling in terms of maintenance and execution of balance sheet restrictions on structure and ALM risks.
  • Active interaction with the Divisions of the Department, development of proposals focused on achievement of joint objectives the Division and the Department;
  • Participation in determining the Bank's Pricing Policy for active and passive operations:
    • collecting market data and performing calculations to determine the cost of resources and building risk-adjusted base interest rate curves (FTP);
    • performing tasks on modeling risks (liquidity and interest rate) included in the FTP pricing model;
    • maintaining the register of internal funding transactions;
    • maintaining data on available and projected funding sources.
  • Performing the necessary calculations to determine the value of derivative positions, including hedging positions, and participating in the collateral management of such positions;
  • Preparing materials for meetings of collegial bodies on ALM issues. Participation in corporate business planning and budgeting processes in terms of balance sheet structure planning;
    Selection Criteria:
  • Graduate degree in Science and/or Economics/Financial Management from a highly ranked higher education institution in the candidate's country;
  • Additional professional education/training in the core activities of risk management, asset-liability management and/or in the area of financial markets and instruments (including Fixed Income / FX / Derivatives);
  • Specific knowledge and skills:
    • financial analysis and mathematical modeling skills;
    • knowledge of financial markets infrastructure and instruments (securities, derivatives on currencies and interest rates);
    • knowledge of financial and management reporting of banks;
    • knowledge and practical experience in applying BCBS recommendations, ECB/national regulators' regulatory standards in the field of liquidity risk management;
    • knowledge of derivatives valuation methodologies, derivatives collateral management.
  • 2 years and more of experience in ALM (Assets and Liability Management) in analytical internal treasury, finance unit and/or risk management of a bank;
  • Experience with FX and money market instruments in market treasury departments in banking is an advantage;
  • Advanced MS Office user, programming skills;
  • Familiarity with information and analytical systems and resources. Familiarity with specialized ALM systems is an advantage;
  • Oral and written English (B2 and above);
  • Fluency in Russian.
Chief Specialist, Strategic Analysis and Planning Division of the Strategic Planning and Analysis Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Preparation of analytical materials on the economies of the IBEC member countries and other countries, identification of macroeconomic trends
  • Preparation of sectoral analyses and studies
  • Preparation of economic reviews and monitoring of the compliance with the Bank's mission
  • Preparation of draft reporting documents on the Bank's activities
  • Monitoring the implementation of planned actions in line with approved documents
  • Development and updating of the database of analytical and expert materials
  • Participation in the development / updating of strategic models / business plans and performance indicators
  • Participation in internal analysis of the Bank's operational activities
    Selection Criteria:
  • University degree in Finance and Economics (leading universities of the Bank's member countries or other countries) with specialization (Master degree) in one or more preferred fields:
    • International Relations
    • International Economics and Trade
    • International Finance
  • Experience in analytical departments of financial organizations, consulting or rating agencies - from 3 years
  • Experience in development institutions (and/or Ministry of Finance/Industry and Trade/Economic Development) will be an advantage
  • Knowledge of basic statistics, ability to structure, analyze and interpret large amounts of data
  • Certificates, completed courses, other training in data science, proficiency in Python will be an advantage
  • Proficiency in Excel at the level of writing macros
  • Presentation skills, excellent knowledge of MS PowerPoint
  • Teamwork skills, focus on results, customer focus and initiative
  • Fluent, competent command of oral and written Russian language (at least C1 level), ability to write well-structured materials
  • Mandatory oral and written English (upper intermediate (C1) and above) and Russian (C1)
  • Excellent knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Chief Specialist, Global Markets Division, Treasury Operations Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Execution of transactions in the primary and secondary securities markets with all types of debt instruments and shares, including purchase and sale transactions in the secondary market, acquisitions in primary offerings.
  • Execution of operations on the foreign exchange and money markets, repo markets, derivatives markets for financing assets and open positions, hedging risks.
  • Taking decisions on opening/closing a position within established limits and/or hedging.
  • Development of proposals for positioning the balance sheet and limits in relation to interest rate and currency risk, participation in the development of a hedging strategy.
  • Modeling of treasury portfolios in financial markets based on market analysis and target profiles of the Bank’s assets and liabilities in terms of risks and revenues.
  • Execution of exchange and over-the-counter transactions and monetary transactions and their derivatives based on client requests in the interests of clients; execution of transactions with clients on treasury products, taking decisions on opening positions on client transactions.
  • Analysis and monitoring of financial markets, making forecasts for the development of investment, trading, hedging strategies and decisions.
  • Analysis of financial instruments and generation of proposals for establishing risk limits for financial instruments and partners.
  • Development and diversification of operations in financial markets with various types of financial instruments.
    Selection Criteria:
  • University Degree in Science and/or Economics, Finance and Banking;
  • Work experience:
    • in the area of financial markets (FXMM, derivatives, securities) and/or analytical treasury at least 3 years;
    • at least 3 years of experience in the financial and banking sector in above mentioned areas.
    • Professional competencies and experience in the following areas, confirmed by job responsibilities, personal credentials and relevant attestations/certificates:
      • Trading operations in financial markets (FXMM, derivatives, securities) and market risk management within those operations;
      • management of treasury portfolios in banks and/or asset management in investment funds, asset management companies;
      • experience in foreign or international financial organizations and with Asian counterparties is considered an advantage.
  • Specific knowledge and skills:
    • Knowledge:
      • infrastructure of international and national financial markets, main market makers and brokers;
      • detailed knowledge of financial instruments, mastery in using tools for analyzing markets for interest rates, swaps and other derivatives on currencies and interest rates, risk and yield of bonds, relative value & carry trades;
      • knowledge of tools for analysis in all segments of the financial market;
      • awareness of pricing of financial instruments;
      • knowledge of the range of market tools available to solve operational challenges;
    • Skills:
      • work with regulatory documents and processes, management reporting in the area of the treasury;
      • communications with contractors and internal services on operational issues;
      • advanced user of trading and information and analytical systems;
      • in determining investment tactics and strategy, skills in conducting fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Practical use of trading and information and analytical platforms and resources.
  • Advanced MS Office user.
  • English – fluent within the professional area (level not lower than C1);
  • Russian – high level of proficiency (including verbal).
Assistant to the IBEC Board, Document Flow and Secretariat Division of the Board Administration
    Duties and Accountabilities: Responsibilities for:
  • Management of the incoming documents’ flow (processing documents in Electronic Documents Management System – EMDS), collection and distribution of reporting, presentation, analytical materials for meetings, etc. on behalf of Executives).
  • Organization of working day and meetings of Executives (maintenance of working schedule, arrangement of telephone calls, set up of meetings, preparation of documents, etc.).
  • Comprehensive organization and support of business trips of Executives (preparation of business trip requests, booking of tickets, hotels and transfers, preparation of business trip itinerary, processing of accounting documents, selection of relevant conferences and organization of their participation, etc.).
  • Protocol support of events with the participation of Executives (drafting lists of participants and coordinating seating plans, purchasing gifts, arrangement of buffet services for meetings, etc.);
  • Monitoring of execution by employees relevant orders and instructions given by Executives;
  • Performing other support functions (ensure office and reception housekeeping, monitoring the availability of office supplies, coordinating the work of drivers, etc.);
  • Preparation of the annual budget and processing of accounts payable within the scope of his/her competence;
  • Protocol and technical support of the Board, Council and Working Groups meetings;
  • Work in the MBord system to support collegial bodies’ meetings;
  • Records’ keeping within the business unit
    Selection Criteria:
  • University Degree (in any professional discipline with wide business savvy and solid educational foundation).
  • At least 3 years of work experience with Executives (top management);
  • Key Skills:
    • Successful experience in working Executives (experience in banking and financial organizations is an advantage);
    • Mastery in the full scope of functions of an Executive Assistant;
    • Experience in electronic document management systems (EDMS) at the level of a confident user;
    • Ability to organize/support events (one-to-one and group meetings, business trips, etc.);
    • Budgeting skills at the level of annual budgeting within the scope of his/her competence;
    • Analytical thinking, ability to improve and optimize existing process, ability to perform tasks according to approved processes;
    • Knowledge of business etiquette;
    • Mandatory knowledge of Russian language Grammar and Style, lexical, grammatical, composition rules of business correspondence and preparation of management documents; rules of terminology, symbols, measurement units, abbreviations;
    • Skills in processing of official and working correspondence in Russian and English;
    • Developed business communication skills (verbal and written), literate speech;
    • Ability and willingness to work under conditions of high workload and intensity;
    • Ability to make prompt decisions in difficult situations;
    • Personal qualities: responsibility, organization, efficiency, diplomacy, communication skills, initiative, ability to communicate with people, positive attitude, ability and willingness to work in a team, stress tolerance;
    • Desire to develop, work hard and execute interesting tasks.
  • Russian language - level (C2);
  • English at upper-intermediate/advanced level (B2/C1);
  • Competent PC user, knowledge of basic office applications, including Word, Excel, Power Point MS Office.
Director, Financial Institutions and Capital Markets Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Organize and manage the activities of the Department.
  • Organize borrowings on the capital market, in particular,
    • Attracting funding and managing the Bank's borrowing portfolio on the capital markets, including bonds, their analogues in digital financial assets, bilateral and syndicated loans, related structured financing, and in any other forms;
    • Development and diversification of instruments for funding from capital markets
    • Organization and participation in deals on bonds for the bank’s target borrowers on the capital market;
    • Support the bank's clients and borrowers actions on the capital market as an organizer and investor;
    • Participation as a co-organizer and underwriter in deals with debt instruments by issuers in the SME segment;
    • Selection of participants and other partners to ensure funding from capital market;
    • Preparation and approval of documentation for deals’ execution;
    • Subsequent supervision of deals.
  • Organize interactions with investors and rating agencies, in particular:
    • Organize interaction and establish relations with rating agencies;
    • Organize and provide analytical coverage and provision of financial and analytical information to investors and rating agencies;
    • Monitor and analyze the ratings of target groups (peer groups) (country and organizations) with a view to potential rating increase;
    • Establishing and developing relations with investors in all possible areas of attracting financing;
    • Analyze and provide recommendations to improve the rating.
    Selection Criteria:
  • University Degree in Science and/or Economics, Finance and Banking or International Relations.
  • Work experience:
    • in the financial and banking sector for at least 10 years.
    • at least 7 years of management experience.
    • Experience in foreign or international financial organizations is an advantage.
  • Specific knowledge and skills:
    • Knowledge of banking products, including Treasury, Credit and Structured Finance products;
    • Experience and successful track record of organizing and executing deals in debt capital markets and structured finance;
    • analytical knowledge and experience in analyzing financial markets, credit and market risks, financial reports and other areas of market analysis;
    • Knowledge of funding, debt and equity capital raising procedures and related agreements and documentation;
    • Experience in working and interaction with investors;
    • experience in working independently with rating agencies to obtain and maintain ratings;
    • up-to-date securities qualification certificates of FFMS, SFA are an advantage
    • knowledge of basic know-your-client (KYC) procedures.
  • Advanced MS Office user.
  • English – fluent within the professional area (level not lower than C1);
  • Russian – high level of proficiency (including verbal).
Chief Specialist, Systems and Application Development Division of Information Technology Department
    Duties and Accountabilities
  • Refinement, customization and support of ABS CFT-Bank
  • Maintenance of external systems/individual workstations
  • Integration of systems and applications upon customer’ requests
  • Support of remote banking services, electronic document management systems (EDS), HR information management systems
    Selection Criteria
  • University Degree in Sciences and/or education in Information Technology;
  • Work experience of at least 3 years in the field of information technology;
  • Skills:
    • Maintenance of ABS, means of cryptographic information protection (hereinafter referred to as cryptographic information security);
    • Maintenance, installation and updating of system and application software;
    • Collecting and clarifying requirements from the “internal” customer, finalizing/developing and programming the necessary elements of application software.
  • Knowledge:
    • Oracle (or any SQL, PL/SQL, PL+), Visual Basic;
    • Information Security Rules;
    • Sound understanding of banking services/products: preferably: Automated banking system (hereinafter - ABS) "CFT-Bank", preferably: remote banking system (hereinafter referred to as RBS) iBank2, automated workstation (KBR-N, etc).
    • Developer (installation and updating of specialized software);
    • English at upper-intermediate level (B2 and better);
    • Fluency in Russian;
    • MS Office user at the expert level.
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