The main goal of IBEC is to promote economic cooperation and development of the economies of the member countries of the Bank.
Development directions of IBEC
Formation of sustainable partnerships in each IBEC member country.
Our international partners
Export credit agencies
International financial institutions
Regional development banks
National development banks
Public and private financial institutions
Commercial banks
National chambers of commerce
Associations and organizations of financial
institutions (ICC, ADFIAP, ABA, ISDA)
Taking into account the unique geographical composition of the Bank’s member states, IBEC concentrates on forming a strong partnership network on the national and international levels, which enables IBEC to maximize its impact as a multilateral development bank.

Cooperation with various types of institutions is contributing to inclusive and sustainable development, international integration and support of trade-related activities worldwide.

IBEC offers cooperation by building partnerships in the following forms:
Cooperation agreements
Observer status
Associations, clubs and other forms of joint membership
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