Main activities
The Bank supports export-oriented companies of the member countries, facilitates their entry into new markets and participation in sustainable development projects in accordance with the 2030 Agenda, as well as enterprises participating in local development projects. The Bank provides targeted support for export and import operations in the member countries of the Bank by providing loans, participating in syndicated transactions, providing trade finance products and cash management services, including settlement function.
Development Focus
IBEC develops member states’ national economies by promoting SDG-aligned trade and investments
Innovation and Sustainable Development
IBEC supports innovative, 'green', socially responsible and other projects, ensuring sustainable and inclusive growth of its member states' economies
Regional Integration
IBEC contributes not only to the integration between its member states, but also to the integration of the member countries with other regions
Cross-border Support
IBEC promotes customers’ foreign trade and provides cash management services targeted to strengthen regional and country-level synergies

What areas do we work in?

IBEC is a reliable financial partner with the ability to provide financial support for clients and partners in its member countries and other target countries in the following areas:
  • Non-resource export and import
  • Development projects
  • Renewable energy projects / transactions, industrialization, innovation and infrastructure; eco-friendly cities and towns
  • Financial and banking sector

Where does IBEC receive funding?

For the implementation of its projects, IBEC attracts financing, depending on the cost and the required duration, from the following sources:
  • International capital markets
  • Capital markets of the IBEC member countries
  • International banks and development institutions
  • Other sources of funding
How to apply for financing?
In case you have cooperation proposals or potentially interesting projects or transactions - please send us the following application
Not sure if a product is right for you?
Check out our products, terms of provision, as well as completed projects that may be similar to yours.
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