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Feb 2024
ACRA affirms IBEC credit ratings
Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) affirms 'BBB+' to IBEC, Outlook Stable, under the international scale.
Oct 2023
IBEС supports the import of modern environmentally friendly equipment for Mongolian industry
IBEC has provided the Mongolian Transport and Development Bank with a trade-related loan of EUR 1.188 million for the supply of German jigging equipment for a dry coal preparation plant in Mongolia.
Aug 2023
ACRA confirms the high credit quality of IBEC
The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) affirms 'BBB+' to the International Bank for Economic Co-operation, outlook Stable, under the international scale, 'AAA(RU)', outlook Stable, under the national scale for the Russian Federation, and 'AAA(RU)' to IBEC bonds series 001Р-02 (RU000A101RJ7).
Aug 2023
IBEC contributes to the development of transport infrastructure in Mongolia
The International Bank for Economic Co-operation continues to support Mongolia's export-import operations through its trade finance operations. In cooperation with the Trade and Development Bank (TDB), IBEC financed the import of freight wagons.
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