Trade finance products are among the most popular in banking practice and include credit and documentary instruments for exporters and importers. The relevant instruments offered by IBEC may also be of interest to companies implementing projects / transactions in the local markets of the IBEC member countries.
Trade finance is one of the main activities of the Bank. IBEC works with standard trade finance products with risk acceptance for an exporter or importer and being able to carry out not only short-term, but also long-term operations.
Letters of credit
The Bank carries out all operations with letters of credit on behalf of corporate clients, including the opening of import and domestic letters of credit (including transferable and revolving ones), as well as confirmation and operations with financing elements (discounting and post-financing under letters of credit).
IBEC issues guarantees / counter-guarantees both to support foreign economic activity and as part of the implementation of local transactions / projects.
The use of various instruments (with and without recourse) for suppliers and buyers to promptly execute transactions and obtain liquidity, attract customers, or get a deferred payment when working with large suppliers.
Financing of exporter / importer under ECA insurance coverage
IBEC provides corporate clients with the opportunity to implement medium-term and long-term transactions, including within the framework of structured financing, implementation of large investment projects and foreign trade contracts, using credit insurance mechanisms and other instruments from local ECAs.
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Business process
Credit and documentary products
Application to IBEC (indicating the type of instrument, amount and term of the operation, details of the participants)
Analysis of the application, indicative terms and conditions, request for more information (if necessary)
Negotiation of indicative conditions, provision of information (if requested)
Approval of the transaction by the Bank and the Client
Documentation execution (including security documents)
Deal implementation
Other products
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