An incubator was opened in Tatarstan as part of a Russian-Slovak project implemented with the participation of IBEC

On January 10, an incubator was opened in the Sabinsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan as part of a Russian-Slovak project financed by the International Bank for Economic Co-operation.

The official opening ceremony of the incubator was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Tatarstan and the Bank's delegation headed by Member of the Board Mr. Peter Osvald. The project operator is Branko Rus which is a subsidiary of the Slovak BRANKO NITRA and has partners in more than ten European countries.

In October 2021, IBEC and the Slovak company BRANKO NITRA signed an agreement to open a three-year credit line to finance the technological complex and start production. The investment project worth EUR 3 million was approved and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan.

At the initial stage, the incubator is designed to hatch 116 thousand eggs per month, in the future it is planned to double these volumes due to the additional installation of setters and hatchers, as well as launch of up to six farms where the turkey parent stock will be located. The production of turkey hatching eggs using BRANKO NITRA technology includes strict veterinary control and is implemented in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

The introduction of incubation technology in Russia will significantly increase the efficiency of poultry rearing, optimize price parameters, which is an extremely urgent task for Russia, which is consistently pursuing a policy of import substitution. Moreover, the Bank's investment in food security is in line with the objectives of Sustainable Development Goal 2 “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”

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