Cash and settlement services (CSS) are required by any company and include opening and maintaining of an account, performing transactions in rubles and foreign currency.
The International Bank for Economic Co-operation provides a full range of opportunities for opening and maintaining of accounts in various currencies, execution of operations using different technological solutions, and obtaining information on the funds transfer in the company's accounts.
Product features


A wide range of currencies for opening accounts and conducting settlement operations
Special collateral accounts
Statements and reports in various formats
Book-to-Book transfers
Making settlements between the client and its counterparties on accounts within the Bank ensures high speed of payment execution, compliance with currency legislation requirements, transparent fees
The Bank makes payments using the SWIFT gpi technology and processing platform, which ensures high speed of payment execution, tracking of payments, and transparency of fees
Terms of provision
Company is domiciled on a Bank's member state and prioritises foreign trade
The company does not carry out the following activities:
prohibited by international regulatory legal documents and acts;
related to:
  • production and trade of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • arrangement and maintenance of gambling establishments;
  • production and sale of weapons or intermediary activities for their sale.
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