Irrevocable reimbursement is one of the basic documentary products of IBEC.
IBEC reimbursement undertakings are issued on behalf of the issuing banks under letters of credit opened in favor of confirming / executing and financing banks.
Product features


Best possible pricing
The presence of a bank with investment ratings as a reimbursing bank in the letter of credit transaction may reduce the commission of the confirming bank on the letter of credit
Risks closure
The participation of IBEC as an IFI with investment ratings will help to level the risks for the counterparty
Work with new partners
We help to enter new markets
Terms of provision
Participation of a resident of the IBEC member country in the transaction.
A limit set for a partner bank (in case of no limit set, IBEC may carry out procedures to set the limit).
Conducting compliance procedures for the transaction for the parties of the transaction, incl. exporter and importer.
Preliminary agreement of the text of the letter of credit with the IBEC.
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