IBEC performs guarantee operations both to support foreign economic activity and to implement local transactions/projects.
IBEC provides corporate clients with documentary products related to the issuance of guarantees both in the framework of their foreign economic activities and activities in local markets, including obligations under concluded credit agreements.
Specifics of guarantee operations
Guarantee operations may be implemented in favor of the beneficiaries in the form of stand-by letters of credit or counter-guarantees
They are aimed at exporters and importers, local suppliers, buyers, contractors, etc., as well as customers working with new counterargents


Issue of a guarantee by an international financial institution with an investment rating and beyond sanctions
It is possible to accept a direct IBEC guarantee without involvement of other banks in the structure of the guarantee transaction, or to reduce the cost of a direct guarantee of the counterparty’s home bank with IBEC counter-guarantee
Broad network of partner banks
IBEC cooperates with member states' banks, leading development banks and international banking groups, as well as banks from CIS countries and the African region
Issue of guarantees within documentary limits for corporate clients
Under the established limit, guarantee issue can be simplified within the previously agreed terms of the transaction
Individual approach to terms of cooperation and provision of services in each transaction
IBEC values each client, always offers a comprehensive approach and is focused on finding the best solutions for its client
Possibility of attracting financing under IBEC guarantee on attractive terms
IBEC issues guarantees for client’s obligations under loan agreements, which serves as an additional collateral for the loan transaction and has a positive impact on the loan rate
Terms of provision
Participation in IBEC member state's resident transaction (as an exporter or importer, supplier/buyer/general or subcontractor).
Implementation of compliance procedures for the transaction and the parties of the transaction, including exporter and importer business profiles.
Provision of a contract copy, as well as related documents (depending on the terms of the transaction).
Provision of collateral acceptable to the Bank.
Signing of credit and collateral documentation.
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